six inescapable magnetic words resonate- imaging-


    B E A T S


             h e a d 

and what color is marigold

[for abby and poets of blossoms]

dare to ask if your flower is a daffodil
is it wilted or fresh from the store
about to bloom or already--
what butterfly is it
whose wing on wind almost
tickled your cheek

and what color is marigold

off the mark

question what happened to ellipse simple

six[chandeliers on the floor]words


              of             light--                                    




                                            the beginning

six[chandeliers on the floor]words

poetry i drove past in winter

red balloon caught between the branches

[six words]


          on           the                   line
 [drying   in the     sun]     [swaying    in     the breeze]
           ROCK                  in
sheet          music      tune
                                 words          RUFFLED.