the orchestra plays a tune in tune my words hum along the words


arms stretched out -- trying for balance

then the syllables pile up, naturally.

closed to outside
garden only think we
know what breeze trapped in metal screens

for the story behind this cinquain poem and some laughs brought to you from the kids who keep throwing more and more syllables into my days [click here]

a science

balance. measure. in measure, for measure--

found six words

you lost in the meantime manuscripts



nothing fancy—

wire fences – you can see through lean against
they bend with you
shaky rhythm
in motion
wire fences

all over— to block off, for safety,
to KEEP [climb over] OUT but yet—
see it all, see through it,
looking in looking out through
diamond-shaped wire frames the traffic, old buildings,
sunsets, dirt piles
and parking lots

see it all through
wire fences
either side
nothing fancy
they bend with you
sunsets, dirt piles, in motion, diamond-shaped wire
frames shaky rhythm
fences they bend
with you to KEEP [climb over] OUT but yet—
see it all, see through it, see it through and you and

sitting on either side—