in wind and through--

leaves fall swept up still let go. care. but not carried away, they dance around again

keep track

ride still plan on fail run don't listen walk cross-- but still, still.... still. on. track-- 


breathless knock. closed door. no answer.

to hold this breath unwilling unable to all at once 
for no reason beyond reason you-- [at worst-- are fearing the best?] i-- stop--

again breathless knock out breath to give to take but 
any breath but this--

 reason beyond reason
at once for no--
to all--  
to hold this breath unwilling unable to--


so write on the world's stage 
[six words]




   remember last 


              [six words]

but in a break

breaks underfoot
moment comes over
birds fly
loneliness escapes
at a stoplight gaze
across from--
peace of--
piece of--
turns around
all in the dance
soar again
that place
in place
never looks
like what you-- thought
it-- would
when-- you-- first started--
to break

guess that's the thing about luck

all the pennies i passed on the street today were face down. someone told me once that face down pennies are bad luck, so i walked quickly past. the last thing i need today is more bad luck that i could have avoided.

• • •

speaking of luck-- good...bad...or whatever crosses your path, check out the 'chantal the black cat' poem that one of my 4th grade students wrote! i posted it just an hour or two ago, while sitting in the car after a very unlucky day-- the unluckiest really--  getting the last drops of my laptop battery and stretching the wireless from the closed cafe to my parking spot. her playful poem is here on my words and photo booth moments blog

no dust in sight

   so far behind /
                                the clouds--

                                            have cleared--        the dust--

in /
my eyes 

     the tears

[haiku] poetry on the line.

syllables lend wings swings to hours

birds [morningnight] fly

darkness bring sun hide in light

you--  [mid]  i--  found  [flight]  ----


six inescapable magnetic words resonate- imaging-


    B E A T S


             h e a d 

and what color is marigold

[for abby and poets of blossoms]

dare to ask if your flower is a daffodil
is it wilted or fresh from the store
about to bloom or already--
what butterfly is it
whose wing on wind almost
tickled your cheek

and what color is marigold

off the mark

question what happened to ellipse simple

six[chandeliers on the floor]words


              of             light--                                    




                                            the beginning

six[chandeliers on the floor]words

poetry i drove past in winter

red balloon caught between the branches

[six words]


          on           the                   line
 [drying   in the     sun]     [swaying    in     the breeze]
           ROCK                  in
sheet          music      tune
                                 words          RUFFLED.


the orchestra plays a tune in tune my words hum along the words


arms stretched out -- trying for balance

then the syllables pile up, naturally.

closed to outside
garden only think we
know what breeze trapped in metal screens

for the story behind this cinquain poem and some laughs brought to you from the kids who keep throwing more and more syllables into my days [click here]

a science

balance. measure. in measure, for measure--

found six words

you lost in the meantime manuscripts



nothing fancy—

wire fences – you can see through lean against
they bend with you
shaky rhythm
in motion
wire fences

all over— to block off, for safety,
to KEEP [climb over] OUT but yet—
see it all, see through it,
looking in looking out through
diamond-shaped wire frames the traffic, old buildings,
sunsets, dirt piles
and parking lots

see it all through
wire fences
either side
nothing fancy
they bend with you
sunsets, dirt piles, in motion, diamond-shaped wire
frames shaky rhythm
fences they bend
with you to KEEP [climb over] OUT but yet—
see it all, see through it, see it through and you and

sitting on either side—


in winter hanging bright spots of color in darkness from blog entries scribbled

in time like oranges
in winter hanging bright on
dark clouds and strong leaves


in time like oranges
in winter hanging bright on
dark clouds and strong leaves



at once -- rough winds or ready


fallen. sometimes the sweetest fruit-- winter.


after a long absence (i've been scribbling down all my blog entries on papers ..easier on the head to stay away from the computer screen.. and i've been caught up in typing kids' stories and newspaper when i do get on the computer, and so i've never gotten to typing my stuff here, but you know i've been writing, and still making entries, how could i not....?) nevertheless, in the midst of darkness (literally) and worsening headache today,

i bring you: one haiku two ways, •and with an extra syllable• and two six word stories that i stitched together.

the other day i was struck by the brightness of the oranges in my backyard, glowing on the tree in the bareness of winter when the surrounding trees seemed to have literally given up. but the oranges were there hanging strong in the wind and rain against the dark clouds, and i'd never really considered how they hang on there, through it all, (thick skin i guess) and still give us the sweetest juice through the shortest days of the year, and all winter long. At times we hear this loud •thump• from outside as another orange --rough winds or ready-- falls from the waxy leaves of the tree and hits the deck, fall. and still the other oranges cling cheerfully to the tree, the bright oranges embraced by the (ok, yes, not so common in california, but we still have winter) dark grey of a cloudy ominous sky. it was there before me the other morning ..this image.. as if i'd never noticed. and yet i enjoy the fresh and plentiful orange juice every winter. and so i hurried inside to scribbled down this haiku.

and sitting here today in darkness, i remembered it. and you, and this.... and it's been so long since i posted any of my writing, and some of you are so good, so loyal about contacting me and checking on here, or encouraging me, and i don't always respond right away, but i answer in my head, i've composed great responses in my head! and those words from you are my oranges, and you know who you are, and it will get better, and i always say i will try but then life-- and then life--

but i will try.

and while looking for spots of color in darkness--
x c

brush off : the sparkling pieces that fell through the cracks of indifference

their brazen image mirrors shattered extravagance

chandeliers on the floor-- my pieces.

enough's enough.
with words nothing's wasted.

3 six word stories